ILLUSIONS thurs oct 27th @ Brillobox - dark sounds
cutups sets
light asylum - dark allies
christian death - spiritual cramp
sex beat - sex beat
the soft moon - dead love
section 25 - girls don't count
bauhaus - dark entries
alien sex fiend - dead and buried
adult - nothing of the kind
oto - anyway
the cure - killing an arab
sisters of mercy - adrenochrome
rudimentary peni - rotten to the core
umberto -red dawn
nine inch nails - sin
killing joke - love like bood
siouxie & the banshees - drop dead
m83 - slight night shiver
chrome canyon - branches
weird magic - crystaline streetz
teengirl fantasy - dancing in slow motion
gatekeeper - obsidian
doshy - suspiria
om unit x lorn - obsidian
tropic of cancer - be brave
zola jesus - run me out
college - a real hero
memory tapes - run out
soft metals - voices
gatekeeper - giza
night gallery - mary bell
lunice - i see u
emynd x m83 x lil wayne x rick ross - my tears are becoming john
salem - king night