ILLUSIONS sat feb 4th @ Cattivo w/ MASCARA & RIVKA
cutups sets
young hunting - embers from the pyre
raime - we must hunt under the wreckage of many
rrose - worn - scarred
tense - static grey
black meteoric star - dreamcatcher
david rubato - circuit (steve moore remix)
ruth - polaroid - roman - photo

m83 - we own the sky (udachi remix)
tycho - dive
joy division - incubation
goitia deitz - coma
pictureplane - post physical
com truise - pyragony
grimes - genesis
candlemass - march funebre

alice deejay - better off alone
Star Eyes- the night (hostage remix)
evian christ - f*ck it yall don't rap
Joy O - sicko cell
Líl Intérnét - rinoceropolis anthem (family radio remix)
flostradamus - total recall
soft cell - sex dwarf
Kloaks - dreams are gone
Antichrist - night terror
shriekback - nemesis
light asylum - dark allies