ILLUSIONS fri jan 17th @ Brillobox w/ Textbeak & Shawn Rudiman
cutups sets
solve - salt
estroboscorpio - slugs
the march violets - lights go out
super heroines - boneyard sky
criminal code - no device
fangs on fur - snake
blue cross - devil
institute - narrow & straight
catholic spit - die alone
deathday party - light fields
fraunhofter diffraction - affection
sidewalks & skeletons - this is your escape
actrazer - kill switch
om unit - the red curtain
lazerhawk - lawless
garth knight - silicon dawn
survive - hourglass
brotmann & short - distance unknown
sandra plays electronics - her needs
kas product - so young but so cold
new order - temptation
joy division - love will tear us apart

vaneck's sets
Vangelis - Blade Runner End Titles
Skinny Puppy - The Choke
Suicide Forest - Mask of Sanity
Makeup and Vanity Set - Blood Oath
Lead into Gold - Faster than light
Trust - Rescue Mister
Perturbator - Ghost Dancers Slay Together
Crystal Castles - Plague
M‡яc∆ll∆ - Fragments and Burnt Memories
MellowHype - Igotagun
Gatekeeper - Visions

textbeak's sets
Mahr - Seven Pillars of the Dweller >Absolution
Soft Ballet - L-MESS >Earth born
Numb - Bliss (In Absentia) >Christmeister
M!R!M - Sodoma >HEAVEN
kiko and s.deschezeaux - sado disco (edit of Yello - You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess) >totalgaz
DAF - Brothers (Mix Gabi) >Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance: Industrial/Post Punk/EBM Classics & Rarities '80-'88
NTRSN - Move On-And No Stop >Hardlines
Gene Loves Jezebel - Shaving My Neck >Shaving My Neck
Evian Christ - Salt Carousel
Thomas White - Missing You (BWWWOYS Remix) >Killah EP
The Weathermen - Poison (12" Version) >Poison
future - Colors >Abyss EP
Major Problem - Acid Queen
Prayers - From Dog to God >SD Killwave
The Presets - Pretty Little Eyes >Blow Up
Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque (12" Mix) >Disco Not Disco: Post-Punk, Electro & Leftfield Disco Classics 1974-1986
Gesaffelstein - Pursuit >Aleph
Panacea - Hallo Hitler >Hanayo in Panacea
Die Fantastichen Vier - Krieger (Aphex Twin Baldhu Mix) >26 Mixes for Cash
3 TEETH - Nihil (Textbeak Remix)
Morbid Angel - DRAGGED too extreme (john lord fonda metallizer remix)
Coil - Windowpane >Love's Secret Domain
chris carter - beat >the space between
Xiu Xiu - Stupid in the Dark >Angel Guts: Red Classroom